Clo-Vent prices:   prices stated incl. 21% vat -  Valid as of 17 Dec.. 2018

Clo-Vent ventilation system for blow out directly to the outside or in existing ventilation channel, consisting of:
Powerful and whisper-quiet electronically controlled fan, for example tube connections diam. 50mm, incl. Power supply 7.5 Volt, T-piece for odor ,  including mounting material and installation instructions. € 124,50

Clo-Vent system + Ventilation valve: This removes the odor through the sewer system, no ventilation line in sight. The ventilation flap prevents the backflow of this odor into the toilet room (valve also functions as a sewer aerator). € 164,50,-

PP-T-piece diam. 90 X 50mm 45 * for discharge into sewerage (is placed in coil bend of drain pipe) € 9, -

Clo-Vent system + Catalyst (honeycomb filter) Removes the unclean odor from the ventilation air, the purified air is returned to the toilet room for energy-saving reasons, no separate ventilation line is needed anymore, catalyst can easily be exchanged,
service life of this catalyst = 4-5 years !!
(operating time carbon filter from other manufacturers = max. 1 year!) Set price € 155,-

Loose catalyst € 30, -

PE flush pipe connection for odor extraction diam. 56 x 50 x 56 mm, rotatable, for example with E.P.D.M. rubber lip seals, for, among others, WISA, Geberit, TeCe and Valsir concealed cistern, I.c.m. purchase of the Clo-Vent ventilation system € 26.95
Separate sales for central exhaust systems € 36.95

Geberit Duofix UP 320 concealed cistern (with self-supporting frame, incl. Wall mounting) for example odor extraction (rotatable) for Clo-Vent ventilation systems with purchase of the Clo-Vent ventilation system € 188,-

Geberit Sigma pushplate:

Sigma 01 Alpin white € 38.75
Mat chrome plated € 51.95
Sigma 50 Alpinwhite or jet black with stainless steel keys € 139, -

WISA XS Concealed tank Br 38 cm X D14cm X H118cm, (incl. Argos plastic control plate with flush interruption,
color: WHITE) + T-piece for odor extraction (rotatable) for Clo-Vent ventilation systems, with purchase Clo-Vent ventilation system € 188,10
Various versions WISA actuator plates (eg a Dualflush) available. Spare parts WISA still available after 25 years!

TeCe and Valsir concealed cisterns, (parts still available after 25 years) including space-saving flat (9cm) - and extremely compact corner versions, suitable for Clo-Vent ventilation systems From € 95, -

Control plates + push buttons  for Wisa, Geberit, Grohe/Dal,TeCe & Valsir internal reservoirs: Various models, From € 40, -

Wireless fan control:  Flat wall switch for time setting, incl. Receiver € 45, -

Wireless IR ceiling motion sensor, incl. Receiver € 52, -

WC Automatic Ventilation + Hands-free flushing: (Concerns the electronic control), works d.m.v. RADAR sensor hidden from view behind the tiling, control plate is no longer necessary in hands-free flushing, vandal-proof and hygienic, can only be used i.c.m. concealed cistern with shelf operation.   Price on request

Clo-Vent HW² system (Hygienic & Water-saving Hand Washing):  After flushing the toilet, automatically clean drinking water will come out of the water spout of the fountain bowl or washbasin to wash your hands, the used water will be reused to flush the toilet. Easy to install at a toilet / or bathroom renovation.    Price on request

Customized TeCe concealed cistern for HW² system Height = 82 cm  Price on request
Administration / and (insured) Transport costs Netherlands and Germany: € 10, - Transport costs Belgium and UK: € 15, - Franco delivery from orders over € 500, -
Delivery of orders: Within 24 hours after the invoice amount has been transferred to our bank account.