The whisper-quiet electronically controlled brushless and compact Clo-Vent fan is mounted conveniently from a viewpoint and by means of a service. a 50mm ventilation pipe connected to the ventilation branch that is mounted between the flushing pipe of an installation tank. .

The Clo-Vent fan provides a slight negative pressure in the toilet bowl so that the fresh odors can no longer escape from the toilet bowl. Air displacement = Max.7.2 m3 per hour: No draft feeling!

After ventilation is not necessary, a next toilet visitor will not experience any unsavory odor!

The various Clo-Vent ventilation systems :

  1. Blow directly out or in an existing ventilation duct, maximum length of ventilation duct diameter 50 mm = 15 m.

  2. The air is purified via an easily exchangeable catalyst (honeycomb filter) and then again energy-saving to e.g. returned the toilet room.
    Service life of the catalyst is 4-5 years in domestic use, (unlike the mostly used carbon filters with a lifetime of max. 9-12 months).

  3. The version with ventilation flap ensures that the unclean odor is blown into the sewer system, the valve prevents the backflow of odor into the toilet room and also functions as a sewer aerator, prevents emptying of the siphons (odor barriers).
    The air pressure of the fan is max. 280 Pa, emptying of siphons is therefore impossible, the NEN-Bouw has provided us with an equivalence declaration after extensive testing in 2007.

  • The operation of the fan can be done by means of the existing light switch for toilet or bath room, where there is no incidence of daylight. In the situations where daylight does fall in, use is made of a wireless switch or movement sensor.

  • It is also possible to opt for the d.m.v. Radar sensor technology makes the toilet fan work automatically and the toilet can be flushed "TOUCHFREE", the control plate is no longer needed This toilet ventilation / toilet flush system is mainly intended for public toilets such as: campsites, offices, hospitals restaurants, etc.