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An odor-free toilet while using it?
The ideal toilet ventilation system?

Yes, since 2007 we have been producing and supplying the easy-to-install Clo-Vent (Closetpot Ventilation) system, with satisfied users only.

The silent fan of the Clo-Vent system, which is placed next to the concealed cistern, but which can be reached, removes unsightly odor directly from the inside of the toilet bowl, so that it can not enter the toilet or bathroom. After ventilation as with a ceiling / wall fan is therefore also unnecessary!

The various designs such as the unique ventilation system in which the unclean odor is directly blown into the sewer via a ventilation flap, for example, is also described on the "Operation" page.
Concealed cisterns, for example, connection of odor extraction at action prices: a.Geberit, WISA, TeCe, Valsir (see price list)